About me

Tobias FischerMy research interests include a variety of topics including both computer vision and human vision, visual attention, machine learning and computational neuroscience. I am interested in applying this knowledge to robotics, to imitate human-like behaviour.

– info (at) tobiasfischer (dot) info


  • August 2016 – Our grant proposal for the Samsung GRO got accepted! I will be working on the project as Research Assistant, with Yiannis Demiris as principal investigator, and Hyung Jin Chang as co-investigator.
  • Apr 2016 – I attended the two day Real World Eye Tracking course at Royal Holloway, University of London, and returned with dozens of ideas.
  • Apr 2016 – The WYSIWYD project I am working on has been rated “excellent” in the intermediate second year review.
  • Mar 2016 – Our paper got accepted to CVPR 2016! Hyung Jin Chang, Tobias Fischer, Maxime Petit, Martina Zambelli, and Yiannis Demiris: “Kinematic Structure Correspondences via Hypergraph Matching”. Download or visit project page with (external link)
  • Jan 2016 – Paper accepted to ICRA 2016! Tobias Fischer and Yiannis Demiris: “Markerless Perspective Taking for Humanoid Robots in Unconstrained Environments”. Download or visit project page with
  • Jan 2016 – The Personal Robotics Lab got awarded a hardware grant for a nVidia Tesla K40 worth approx. 3000GBP. I wrote the application jointly with Maxime and Yiannis.
  • Nov 2015 – My paper in collaboration with Maxime Petit and Yiannis Demiris got accepted: “Lifelong Augmentation of Multi-Modal Streaming Autobiographical Memories”. It will appear in the IEEE Transactions on Cognitive andĀ Developmental Systems. Download or visit project page with
  • Sept 2015 – Early Stage Assessment for my PhD degree passed.
  • Jul 2015 – I attended the two week Veni Vedi Vici iCub summmer school in Sestri Levante.
  • Oct 2014 – I joined the Personal Robotics Lab at Imperial College London to pursue a PhD degree under Dr Yiannis Demiris‘ supervision.
  • Aug 2014 – I received a Master of Science with distinction in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh. Read more about my thesis.