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Dr Tobias Fischer

ARC DECRA Fellow, Senior Lecturer (US: Associate Professor) and Chief Investigator
Queensland University of Technology
My career has focused on an overarching research goal: providing robots with perceptual abilities allowing safe, intelligent interactions with humans in real-world environments. In pursuing this goal, my research has spanned the fields of robotics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. My research interests focus on robot localization (in particular visual place recognition), neuromorphic engineering (event cameras and spiking neural networks), and software tools for equitable access to robotic vision (in particular, the RoboStack project). My DECRA Fellowship aims to create high-performing place recognition solutions that perform well across a wide range of environments. Intelligent fusion of models acquired from diverse environments will lead to solutions that do not degrade in unseen environments. By leveraging neuromorphic computing, the solutions will adapt at high speeds required for navigation and decision-making while being sufficiently energy-efficient to run on edge devices. I am a recipient of two best thesis awards and three best paper/poster awards and have acquired grants in excess of 1,000,000 AUD.
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